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the denationalization of money




Proof of Capacity

Burstcoin uses an advanced green algorithm to verify transactions. All you need is free space on your device to contribute to the network and mint your own coins. The algorithm favors smaller miners by design

How to mine




The underlying network for transactions is decentralized by 1630 full nodes.  Bitcoin has currently 5200 full nodes online, Ethereum 5500 and NXT has currently 180 full nodes.

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Smart Contracts

Burst includes Smart Contracts via a technology called Automated Transactions. This allows e.g. decentralized trustless & comission free Crowdfunding and Lotteries and many other use cases.

Automated Transactions

Proof of Capacity is better distributed.

Time has shown that the way of mining
Burstcoins is decentralized by design.
The Currency is evenly distributed after
two years of mining and trading.

how it works
A cryptocurrency that uses the unique algorithm called Proof of Capacity (POC), which utilizes your unused hard disk drive space instead of your processor or graphics card to mine BURST. Miners pre-generate chunks of data known as 'plots' which are then saved to disk.

facts and metrics


$ 2.90

~ 10.000 BURST



full nodes online


12023 TB

Network Size


$ 16589373.0

Market Capitalization

Proof of Capacity is Energy Efficient

The energy consuming part of mining is performing the calculations, but with Burst, the computer performs the calculations once, then all it does while mining is to read a few megabytes off of a hard drive every few minutes and checks every nonce it pulls off, instead of working through heavy calculations like Bitcoin.

Burstcoin's transaction network only uses 10 kW compared with Bitcoin's 200 MW. Transaction costs therefore are 0.02 Cents for Burst and 5 Cents for Bitcoin.



"Sadly Bitcoin isn't run by the users anymore,
it's replacing the banks with a handful of large mining operations." - Burst Lead Developer


Proof of Capacity is ASIC Proof

One of the reasons that Litecoin gained fame was because it was believed to be ASIC Proof. Time showed us that Litecoin can be mined by costly and rare ASICs nevertheless. This is unfair for the average small miner and is against the decentralized approach of cryptocurrencies.

Burstcoin's Proof of Capacity is based off of Proof of Work, so theoretically you could compute the Proofs in real time. However, it is not possible to require enough work to be done during a 4 minute time frame that even the most cost efficient ASIC cannot mine efficiently enough to make it cheaper to use than a hard drive. ASICs calculation speeds are rising, but so do HDD sizes.